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iPad Stylus Roundup

If I was going to use words to describe drawing on the iPad I would use words like: lackluster, meh or sub par. Drawing on the iPad has always been a second rate experience to like a Wacom tablet or my Surface Pro 3. That may all change in a few weeks with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

Since we might be at the end of an era (the poor drawing on an iPad era) it's probably a good time to look back at some of the styluses I've worked with over the years and talk about where they are lacking, and that's what I do in this video.

Here is the TLDW version:

iPad styluses aren't accurate at all. Even if you spring for an $80 bluetooth stylus it's not going to improve your experience. The advertised features of a bluetooth stylus are hit and miss. Pressure sensativity, not bad. Palm rejection, horrible.