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Shaky Lines

I’ve been fiddling with my comic drawing style again. I’ve talked a bit over the last few weeks about using the Surface for drawing and the pros & cons. One of the cons is how difficult it is to use Adobe Illustrator on a high density screen. The touch points are just a tad too small.

To remedy this I’ve been inking my comics in Photoshop. There are two problems with this. The first is I’ve never had a steady drawing hand. Illustrator does a lot to make it look like I do. I’ve decided with my latest artwork to just embrace it. Charles Schulz of Peanuts comic strip fame had a very shaky style after he suffered a stroke. He embraced it and beautiful work came from it. Second is that I also suck at using pen pressure. I can never keep it consistent.

I’ve also added some texture to the illustration above. I think the rough texture compliments the rough lines and makes it look more purposeful.