Microsoft Ditching the Tablet Form Factor in the New Surface Books?

Posted on: March 17, 2017 - by Brad Colbow

The new Surface Book is expected to adopt a clamshell design instead of its traditional 2-in-1 and will feature a starting price lower than that of its predecessors.

The new Surface Book continues to feature a 13.5-inch display and chassis made of magnesium-aluminum-alloy. The product is expected to be priced at around US$1,000, much lower than the starting prices of Microsoft’s existing Surface Books, which range from US$1,499-3,199.

-Source: Digitimes – Microsoft new Surface Book enters mass production

The drop in price isn’t that surprising, the $1499 starting price always seemed pretty high to me. What is surprising is that the screen isn’t detachable. I’m sure that will save money but that always seemed like the differentiating factor to me.