Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S3

Posted on: March 18, 2017 - by Brad Colbow

Android tablets have felt like a dying breed lately, but Samsung isn’t ready to give up the fight, as it’s just announced the high-end Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

This follow-up to the acclaimed Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has a lot to live up to, but with significantly updated specs, an HDR screen, S Pen support and more it’s clear that Samsung’s not just phoning (or tableting) it in.

In fact, in many ways the Tab S3 looks positioned as a rival to the beastly iPad Pro. We’ve got all the key specs and features, plus the all-important release date, ready for your perusal below.

Tech Radar – Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: everything you need to know

I’m so glad Samsung isn’t giving up on their high end Android tablets. When I started doing research last fall into buying an Android tablet to review I was really disappointed by what is out there. I ended up reviewing the Galaxy Tab A 9.7 which is a budget tablet and inferior to the iPad Pro in pretty much every way. I don’t say that to insult it, it just felt like an iPad with all the specs cut down.

There are two things I want in an Android tablet, a high res screen and a good pen. The S3 appears to have both. The screen is 1536px x 2048px and the tablet uses Samsung’s surprisingly good s-pen technology. Looking at the images in this article Samsung has gone with a normal pen size, in fact the pen looks almost identical to the Surface Pro’s pen. Samsung has always borrowed liberally from their competitor’s industrial design and it looks like that’s the case here as well. At least they copied a good pen. I’m looking forward to testing one of these out when it launches at the end of this month.