Huion GT 185 Reviews

What’s Good:

  • programmable hotkeys on each side of the device that works!
  • Sturdy ergonomic stand (easy to assemble) – comes with 4 screws plus a screw driver
  • Smooth calibration in a variety of 2D/3D programs

What’s Not:

  • Resolution (1366px x 768px) isn’t full HD
  • The Stylus makes a lot of noise on the screen
  • LCD screen bubbles up often, even with a glove; Either lift it up to put it back or take it off.


  • 8 customizable hotkeys; TFT panel, 1366 x 768 screen resolution; 5080 LPI, 220 RPS, Response Time 5ms, Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Ergonomics Design, adjustable monitor stand allows you to set the monitor at different angels(15°~85°)
  • 2048 Pressure sensitive levels