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Nov 29, 2011

My SEO Secret Sauce

I was emailed recently by someone asking how my site does so well in Google. They probably noticed that I don’t use meta-tags, I sometimes forget to put alt text on images and I’m not jamming every page with keywords. If you study up on SEO tactics you’ll see that I ignore most of them. Here is what They wrote:

Okay, so you seem to be an SEO mastermind. I see you have the first hit for Independent Web Designer. We REALLY need SEO help. While we are a web design company, we are not an independent which we both know are two different beasts. Care to tell your secrets. So I did. Here is what I wrote back.
Sure, here is my secret.

Create content for people not search engines. Content that makes them laugh. Content that makes them cry. Content that makes their lives a little better. Content that they have to share with their friends. Content that other sites want to link to. Content that you are proud to point to and say that you created. Then keep doing that over and over. In a couple years you’ll be kicking ass.

I say this to anyone who ever asks and usually people are disappointed.